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Tara and I have been Direct Sales and Network Marketing Leaders, Trainers, Coaches and Consultants for 25 years! We have personally sponsored, trained, coached and mentored thousands of team members, so we know exactly what it takes to achieve success and help others do the same! We have also generated millions of dollars in life-changing product sales on our sales teams, so we know the life-changing power of the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry to change lives physically and financially! That is what drives our mission and passion to help as many women as possible enjoy all the benefits the home-based business industry offers! Previously, only my team members had access to my Superstar Success Systems so I am excited to offer access to these systems to even more women regardless of company affiliation! 

We also have over 25 years of experience as entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants in other types of businesses. So we know exactly what it takes to launch a business idea from start to success! That drives our mission and passion to provide women entrepreneurs with the proven products, programs, resources, systems and services to help them start their own home business or scale their existing business so they can achieve their goals and dreams more quickly and easily! Our directory is one of those resources – designed to help home biz owners get more leads, more sales, more reps and more referrals! That is also why we launched the “1K-2-1K Dream Biz Challenge” to help 1,000 women start a home biz to earn $1,000 per month/week/day or more so they can create their Dream Biz, Dream Brand, Dream Team and Dream Life!

Dream Biz Dream Team Bios


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About Michelle...

Michelle ~ Dream Biz Coach

Dream Biz. Dream Brand. Dream Life. By
Dezign With Purpose. Passion. Power. Profit.

“I Help Women Discover Their Passion & Turn Their Passion Into Profit by Helping Them Dezign Their Dream Biz & Dream Brand So They Can Dezign Their Dream Life with Purpose, Passion, Power & Profit!”
I am a Dream Biz Branding & Marketing Consultant & Strategist, Certified Dream Coach©, Dream Biz Startup Strategist, Direct Sales & Network Marketing Consultant & Strategist, Bestselling Co-Author, Writer, Copywriter, Web/Funnel Designer and more…all under my Dream Biz Success Network brand!
I have been in business full-time for 25 years with multiple business ventures, all of which include training, coaching and consulting programs and services for women entrepreneurs, especially in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry.
I work with women in Coaching as well as Direct Sales and Network Marketing to help them stand out from the crowd by designing their “Dream Biz & Dream Brand” from start to finish including name selection, logo design, brand messaging,  marketing funnel design, website design and more! 
It is my mission and passion to help women truly design the lifestyle of their dreams by designing systems and strategies to streamline, automate and delegate every part of their business and life possible so they have the time and financial freedom to focus on what is most important in their life with the people that are most important in their life! 

Dream Biz Success Coach Bestselling Author Branding & Marketing Strategist Lead Generation & Sales Strategist  Social Media Brand Strategist ★ Sales & Marketing Copywriter ★ Course Creator Coach & Consultant ★ Web & Funnel Designer ★ Dream Biz Startup & Development Strategist ★ Mindset & Personal Development Coach ★ Certified Dream Coach© ★ Direct Sales & Network Marketing Coach & Consultant ★

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About Tara...

Tara ~ Miracle Marketing Coach

We Create Marketing Miracles To Make You
More Money & Magnify Your Impact

“I Help Women Entrepreneurs Create Magnetic Marketing Messages for Maximum Impact to Attract the Very Best Customers, Clients & Reps to Make More Money & Magnify Their Impact!”

I am a Sales & Marketing Coach & Consultant, also known as “The Miracle Marketing Coach.” I own my own sales and marketing agency ~ Miracle Marketers ~ where I specialize in writing magnetic marketing messages to increase sales for small business owners and women in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry.

I have been in the sales and marketing industry for over 25 years with experience and expertise in both offline and online sales and marketing, both in the traditional retail industry as well as the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry.

I especially love working with women in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry to help them accelerate their growth and sales through powerful sales and marketing strategies and resources so they can magnify and maximize their income and their impact in the world!

It is my passion to help women in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industries by sharing powerful sales and marketing strategies and resources to help them attract the very best customers and team members so they can achieve their personal and professional goals and dreams so they can create the lifestyle of their dreams.

★ Advertising & Marketing Consultant ★ Lead Generation Consultant  Sales Strategy Consultant ★ Social Media Marketing  Consultant  Sales & Marketing Copywriter  Business  Development Consultant  Customer Acquisition & Retention Consultant ★ Buy & Sell Consultant ★ Mindset & Personal Development Coach ★ Direct Sales & Network Marketing Coach & Consultant 


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Dezign Your Dream Biz ★ Dream Brand ★ Dream Life Now!

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