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★ Schedule Your Work Around Your Life Not Your Life Around Your Work! ★

There are so many benefits to working from home! Most women choose to work from home so they can choose a work schedule that allows them to make a living without sacrificing what is most important in their life! That is especially true for Moms, which is why the Work-at-Home Mom (aka WAHM) industry is booming! Moms no longer have to choose between their work and family! They can schedule their work around their life instead of scheduling their life around their work! There is truly no place like home and there is nothing like waking up every day doing what you love and making a difference doing it! If you have to work, why not do work you love? And if you have to make a living, why not make a living AND make a difference?!
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★ If You Have to Make a Living, Why Not Also Make A Difference?! ★

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Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion of opportunities to work from home besides Direct Sales and Network Marketing! Some of the most popular opportunities include coaching, consulting, training, tutoring, drop-shipping, buy and sell, selling handcrafted items, selling printable digital products or selling print-on-demand products. The opportunities are endless and many cost very little to start! Millions of talented entrepreneurs have discovered creative ways to turn their talents and skills into a profitable home business and that trend continues to explode around the world! Online selling platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, etc. have made it easier than ever for anyone to start a successful home biz quickly and easily!

★ If You Love What You Do, You Will Never Work a Day in Your Life! ★

I have seen every kind of home business imaginable, including some surprising ones! I have seen people make a lot of money teaching how to make homemade bread, make caramel apples, use a hula hoop, live a frugal lifestyle, create meal plans, make hand-crafted items, create printable items, use a software program and more! So if you have a talent or skill, there is most likely someone out there willing to pay you to teach them, especially if you can help them learn it faster and easier! Even if a free option is available, many people would rather pay an expert to guide them! So if you have an artistic talent or skill, you can set up an Amazon, Etsy, eBay or Shopify store to sell your crafts or designs! The possibilities and opportunities are endless…

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Direct Sales & Network Marketing

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I have been Direct Sales and Network Marketing Leader, Trainer, Coach and Consultant for 25 years! I am grateful to have personally sponsored, trained, coached and mentored thousands of team members over the years, so I know exactly what it takes to achieve success and help others do the same! My teams have generated millions of dollars in life-changing product sales so I know the life-changing power of the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry – both physically and financially! That experience is what drives my passion and mission to help as many women as possible to enjoy all the benefits the home-based business industry offers and to help them achieve their personal and professional goals and dreams working from home!

★ Everyone & Anyone Can Start Their Own Biz! ★

One of the reasons I am so passionate about the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry is that it allows everyone and anyone to quickly and easily start their own business – regardless of their experience or expertise! Companies provide a turn-key affiliate-style business system where everything is generally provided for you, including a sales and marketing website, business management systems, order processing, payment processing, shipping, customer support, marketing tools, sales presentations, training and more! You just have to sell the company’s products or services to earn affiliate-type commissions and bonuses! So you can start a business in just a few minutes for an average of $100 or less!

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★ You Are In Business For Yourself Not By Yourself! ★

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One of the things that draws most women to the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry is the company culture and community. The industry is known for attracting many heart-centered, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world! Since everyone joins the business through a sponsor, you automatically have a mentor to help guide you along the way. Everyone who joins the company also belongs to a team which is usually led by a successful team leader, who usually provides team training, coaching and mentoring. So you are in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself! That means you have a whole team of people to help you overcome challenges, achieve your goals and dreams, recognize your achievements and celebrate your success!

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