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Dream Biz Success Coach Mission Statement...

“I Help Women Discover Their Passion & Turn Their Passion Into Profit By Helping Them Dezign Their Dream Biz & Dream Brand So They Can Dezign Their Dream Life with Purpose, Passion, Power & Profit!”

My Dream Biz Mission...

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My name is Michelle Sanchez and I am a Dream Biz Success Coach and Founder of Dream Biz Success Network. I help passion-driven, purpose-driven women “Discover Their Passion & Turn Their Passion Into Profit” by helping them “Dezign Their Dream Biz & Dream Brand So They Can Dezign Their Dream Life with Purpose, Passion, Power & Profit!”
I work with women entrepreneurs in the Home Biz Industry, Coaching, Consulting, Direct Sales and Network Marketing to help them stand out from the crowd by helping them design their “Dream Biz & Dream Brand” from start to finish including name selection, logo design, brand messaging, presentations, marketing funnels, website and more. 
It is my mission and passion to help women truly design the lifestyle of their dreams by designing systems and strategies to streamline, automate and delegate every part of their business and life possible so they can have the time and financial freedom to focus on what is most important in their life with the people that are most important in their life!

My Dream Biz Journey...

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I was raised in a family business, so living the lifestyle of an entrepreneur was always my dream! When I had jobs, I knew in my heart I wanted more – more time, more money, more freedom, more purpose. It took a life-altering accident to change my entire life course that led to my amazing entrepreneurial journey. 

That journey started over 25 years ago and I am grateful every day that I can pursue my passion and turn my passion into profit. I am even more grateful that I can make a living AND make a difference working from home – and help others do the same. In fact, “Making a Living & Making a Difference” was my first Dream Biz tagline over 25 years ago! If you have to work, why not do work you love that makes a difference in the world?

That is also why it is my mission to help women start their own Dream Biz. It is so exciting and rewarding to help women discover their passion and turn their passion into profit and help them design their Dream Biz and Dream Brand so they can design their Dream Life!

Dream Biz Success Network...

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Dream Biz Success Network was started 25 years ago to provide training and coaching to help entrepreneurs achieve personal and professional success. The Dream Biz Success Network biz venture portfolio includes products, programs, services and resources that are in alignment with my passion and mission to help women entrepreneurs design their Dream Biz and Dream Brand so they can design their Dream Life!

For many women, that Dream Life is simply having the luxury of working from home. or working from anywhere, doing work they love that provides them with the time and financial freedom to do what they love with the people they love. That means no longer sacrificing what is most important in their life for their work. They can design their work around their life rather than design their life around their work. I am grateful to be able to inspire and empower women to design their Dream Biz and Dream Life! There’s truly no place like home!

Dream Biz Brandz Experience & Expertise...

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Branding has been my passion for 25 years starting with my designing my own Dream Biz Success Network brand. It has evolved and expanded over the years. In fact, it was red for many those years because I love the power of that color and I love BOLD branding. However, I always dreamed of having a brand that was PINK especially when I designed brands for clients in pink. Once I made the decision to re-strategize my entire biz and narrow my niche to only work with women entrepreneurs, PINK was finally a possibility! So I had to decide to go SOFT or BOLD because I love both styles. I made the BOLD choice!

I love the creative process of designing and developing a beautiful brand from start to finish, so when people started asking me me to help them with their branding, I was SO excited! Over the years, most of my branding clients have come from referrals and some have come from seeing my own brand and asking me who designed it. It has been so exciting and rewarding to be able to design so many beautiful brands and thousands of brand assets.

Dream Biz Dream Teamz Experience & Expertise...

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 I have been a Direct Sales and Network Marketing Leader, Trainer, Coach and Consultant for 25 years. Over the years, I have been blessed to personally sponsor, train, coach and mentor thousands of team members, so I know exactly what it takes to achieve success and help others do the same. Those sales teams have generated millions of dollars in product sales, so I know the life-changing power of the industry to change lives physically and financially.

When I decided to build my first Direct Sales business online, the experts told me it was impossible to build a Direct Sales business online because it was a relationship business. Meanwhile, I built my first website and funnel and ran ads to the funnel and sponsored over 2,000 reps and customers and generated millions of dollars in life-changing product sales! I am SO grateful that I followed my instincts and ignored the advice of “experts” because I was able to help thousands of people enjoy better health and a better life. I am excited to share all those strategies in my Dream Biz Dream Teamz Superstar Success Systems! 

Dream Teamz Consulting Experience & Expertise...

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As a Direct Sales and Network Marketing Consultant, I have worked with many companies and top leaders over the past 25 years to design training, marketing and support materials and systems to strategically simplify, streamline and automate every aspect of the business to accelerate their success and allow time to focus on the things that cannot or should not be automated. After all, you cannot create the lifestyle of your dreams if you are working 80 hours a week to build, train and support your sales team! Yet that is what most leaders do!

My Dream Biz Dream Teamz Superstar Success System includes everything a team leader needs to sponsor, onboard, train, coach, mentor and support a large team! The system includes training systems, coaching systems, goal planners, activity trackers, sales scripts, sales presentations, social media systems, sales/sponsoring contests, rank achievement strategies, recognition systems and more! Everything can be branded and customized.

I also specialize in helping leaders design their superstar personal brand and team brand to help them stand out in their company and the industry as the best leader and team to join!

Social Superstar Success Experience & Expertise...

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Discovering social media many years ago was a marketers dream come true! At the time, I was spending a fortune on pay-per-click ads so it was hard to believe that social media was actually FREE! I immediately recognized the potential and joined popular networks like MySpace and Ryze. Over the years, the social media scene has changed and become much more powerful! My favorite network is still Pinterest! After it launched, I recognized its branding and marketing power so I created and launched my first program, Pinning Power Profits, to teach entrepreneurs how to “Pin Their Passion & Turn Their Passion Into Profit!”

In the ever-changing world of social media, you have to constantly keep up with the latest trends and strategies! There are many great resources like the Social Media Examiner Membership, blogs, newsletters and top expert training and coach programs. I love to learn so I am forever a student of all things social media and marketing in general! 

Before I streamlined my brands, I had over 100,000 connections! So now I will be concentrating on expanding my existing networks plus building my new accounts!

Certified Dream Coach...

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I have always been a dreamer and I have always believed that dreams can come true! So when I discovered the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry, I had finally discovered my “Dream Biz” which is how my brand was born! I loved being able to train, coach and mentor my team members to achieve their goals and dreams! So when I discovered Dream University with Marcia Wieder who was offering the Certified Dream Coach© program, it was the perfect next step and perfect timing to help people achieve their dreams even faster!

Besides the Certified Dream Coach© program, I developed my own program: “Be Happy Healthy Wealthy Now” which is a powerful mindset makeover program to create a life of gratitude and abundance despite all challenges. I have always been an avid student of personal development so I love inspiring and empowering others to design a life they love and live their best life! Part of living their best life is working from home doing work they love so they have the time and financial freedom to do what they love with the people they love!

About Me...

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I am originally from a tiny town in Michigan near Lake Michigan. Our family owned a car dealership there for many years where we also sold motorcycles and snowmobiles. We had a second home in Florida so we could escape the brutal Michigan winters! It was always our dream to move to Florida permanently so in 1981, my family moved to the Palm Bay area of Florida and started in real estate. I followed in 1982 after I graduated from high school! 

I met my husband in Palm Bay at the company where we both worked in 1986. It was love at first sight on my first day on the job! Then he got offered a great job in Clearwater, Florida, so needless to say, we now live in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida! I love it here because we have the most beautiful beaches and there is so much to do everywhere! But I don’t love the heat of summer! I actually hibernate for the summer because it is way too hot for me! 

When I am not working, I love inspirational writing, playing the piano, listening to music, attending concerts and musicals, traveling, cruising, cooking, entertaining, dining with friends, playing cards and games, shopping, snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoying nature, especially watching sunsets on the beach! I have hundreds of pix to prove it! I also love to play games like Candy Crush and Solitaire! 

What many people don’t know about me is that I used to be a gymnast and a body builder before an accident ended all the fun! Growing up I loved to ice skate and roller skate as well as play just about any sport including soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, pool, ice hockey and volleyball!

Some of my favorite things are good friends, delicious chocolates, decadent desserts, ice cream (dairy-free) and ethnic foods, especially Asian and Mexican! I also love nature including beautiful flowers, amazing beach sunsets, waterfalls, rain showers, thunderstorms and walking in the snowfall at night! I LOVE animals, especially cats, but I am allergic to them so I enjoy the next door neighbor’s stray cats that she adopted. My favorite wild animals are tigers, but I’m not sure if I am allergic to them or not! I’ll let you know…

My life is happy and complete as long as I have my Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Fun! 

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